Over the summer please give me a week to turnover your order, otherwise do email for anything urgent and I will comply!


As a small food producer we are currently still open and working to complete all orders placed, and still coming through.

During this uncertain time, we will be undertaking strict measures for our protection and that of our customers and everyone involved in this business. This means the following:

  • We will only be posting orders once a week to avoid multiple trips to the post office
  • All products and ingredients used to create your orders are ordered online to minimise human contact
  • Maintaining extremely high levels of hygiene in the kitchen and increasing the use of sanitiser and bactericides

Once we are back to an acceptable normal, we hope to be able to provide and cater for your orders on a more frequent basis where we can be sure that ingredients can be obtained at short notice and leisurely trips to the post office are possible again; our continued safety will remain paramount.

We are doing everything we can to comply with the latest directions from the Government, having increased our already stringent cleanliness requirements, and implemented additional actions to increase spacing between our staff along with other measures to keep everybody safe.

Thank you to everyone that has continued to order online. We are working hard to get your orders to you and we are very grateful for your support.